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JUNE 3, 2015
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I hope you enjoy my gaming site and I welcome you to this place.

Updates and news:


26the Of July
Have Now Completed the Singple Player Campaign Of The Awsome Game where
Will Be doing a Gamers Guide on my PS4 of this Game.


19th of July 2015
Now Playing Lego Movie The Video Game


18th of July 2015


The contest is now cancelled due to no replies from you.
Seems it was too hard for you guys so now I know this.


Good news. Have now completed
Killzone Shaddow Fall and also the Stealth Mission at the end.


I have now started playing these 2 lego games

Lego movie the video game
Lego jurassic Wprld


3rd Of July 2015

Have now launched my Free Giveaway

Here are the information about it.
I am making it to get more traffic to my site and more followers to my twitter.
Here are the requerments i have to enter the draw.Also I want to tanks you for all your support 3 days ago my list was only on 8 subsribers and now its on 43 .So very awsome to see you guys do your thing so fast.Thanks Very Much to Youw All.

1.You refer a person to me that is on Twitter of course.
2.This person then have to follow me and then subsribe to my Gamers list.
3. A little help for you guys i was told that you can not sub to my list
if you are on a mobile phone so please use your computer instead.

here is the link for my list


The winner Will Be Drawn
by me once my Subs are on at leat 50
so not that far away for you guys.
So please senmd me a message ones u have found
a person you think would be good for my Twitter Channel.

Thats all .

If you do this you will get to enter my draw
where you can win amazon gift card 25 dollars
They can both send this to ur email or to ur phiscal street address.
plus you will also get 50 RTs from me on your own tweets and 5 personal shutouts

12th Of June 2015 Today I Have added two new things.A Donate button so you can donate any amount to me you want and on my youtube channel Game Reviews and new game Guides. Please go t o my Videos Section and click on my Channel link


10th of May 2015 I have now completed all of my Destiny campaign. I will now be working on getting the replay going and will be uploading next so stay tuned.Happy gaming to you.


21th of April 2015 I have now completed most of Destiny single player


14th of April 2015 I started playing destiny playing as a titan


10th of April 2015 I started playing Killzone Shaddow fall


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